The tip of the iceberg.


Believe it or not I’ve been trying to write something about this for a some time.
While doing my readings I came across and got tremendously shocked by a United State ATF law enforcement project.  Honestly, I have a particular tab relating to this project open in my browser for weeks. I have kept the computer locked or on standby for the same period of time, just not to loose THAT tab..

You might say ” have you heard of  bookmark ?” YEEAAAA  -__-  . I have, but I knew that if I bookmarked the page and don’t keep it staring at me for all this time I might have not written anything about it; wanting to.

Enough Chit chatting.  let me get to the topic so I could finally close that tab.


I’m not going to explain in detail what these are. If you want to know more information about this GIYF it

Operation  Fast and Furios and Project Gunrunner

Operation Fast and Furios was a MESS with double capital M. The current  and never seen level of violence in the US/Mexico border in the last year  could be attribute almost in its entirety to this “operation”. The basic explanation of this operation is that United State official will permit small (bait) mexican criminals to purchase all the weapons they wanted, monitor them as they travel trough the border  and sell them in mexico to whoever paid the most for them. We all know who those buyers are.

It started in 2009 and “officially” ended in mid 2011. what makes this interesting is that  ATF facilitated the sale of 2200 guns knowing they will end up in mexico where there is waaaay less gun regulations.

According to Wikipedia ” By June 2011, the guns have been linked (through eTrace, ATF’s electronic tracing program) to some 179 crime scenes in Mexico. By August 2011, 21 additional guns were recovered from violent crime scenes in Mexico. Of the 2,000 guns knowingly released by ATF agents, only 600 are reported as recovered by officials. The remaining 1,400 guns have not been recovered.”

I don’t curse and will not in this post. although I feel like doing it but  WHERE THE @#!$!@#!$# $@  $@!#!@$@%# ARE THE REMAINING 1400 GUNS.?

I get angry when I see the manipulation, the lack of judgement and the attitude that some government officials take toward such tragic outcome of failed operations.

I also get more angry when I see the lack of accountability that this government express; knowing perhaps, that there wont be Jail time for such stupid actions.

Mean while the death toll in mexico rises.. Thanks to 1400 weapons that were “given” to those murderers so they could do whatever the heck they want with them, for example, hustle their way so they could get  2,500 guns more  somewhere else to keep murdering  and terrorizing people.

I dont know how these types of government agencies are supposed to embark on this type of operations without higher ranking officials “supposedly” not knowing what was going on. If it wasnt for a ATF  whistleblower agent that told all about the operation, God knows how  many more guns ATF would have distributed to the Mexican cartels.

I think they have opened Pandora’s Box on this one. And as the story goes ……………………



…..To be Continue ( Project Gunrunner )


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