Unfair – Like the rest of us.

Fred shuttlesworth's bombed out house

Unfortunately , That is how we are. We “indulge” on what the media is feeding us. We take pleasure in going to our neighborhood coffee shop and “know” and “talk” about the topics of the moment. We are puppets. Yeap.

At this time we all know what happened last week. The “apparently” venerable Mr. Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer. The media covered this story for 72 hours non-stop, reporters scrambled to visit all the Apple stores to see the reactions of the masses at their respective geek gathering place and interview people, capture tears dropping down faces. This is all fantastic and the most important thing – IT SELLS !!

Mr. Jobs deserves a lot of credit. For once,  he was an innovator, someone who thought outside the box no matter what anyone said. Being a foster child, took advantage the American way of entrepreneurship and exploited it. He co-created one of the most sought after brands in the planet and changed technology for ever.  He was an extremely talented business analyst and a very passionate individual. Media took it upon itself that we KNOW who Mr. Job was.  He made good stuff we have to buy.

On the same day, a more relevant social figure passed away as well. It was Rev Fred L. Shuttlesworth

According  to Andrew M. Manis, author of “A Fire You Can’t Put Out,” a biography of Mr. Shuttlesworth ” he had no equal in terms of courage and putting his life in the line of fire to battle segregation ” .

When he tried to enroll his children in an all-white school in 1957, Klansmen attacked him with bicycle chains and brass knuckles. When a doctor treating his head wounds marveled that he had not suffered a concussion, Mr. Shuttlesworth famously replied, ” Doctor, the Lord knew I lived in a hard town, so he gave me a hard head. ”

A member on ATRL.net forum writes ,”When others did not have the courage to stand up, speak up and speak out, he put all he had on the line to end segregation in Birmingham and the state of Alabama.” “He was the first black man who was totally unafraid of white folks.”

Dr King and Rev. Shuttlesworth teamed up to ensure that we collectively have a voice as a nation. Not just as whites, latinos or black but as one nation under God.

I guess we owe this man and all his accomplishments a little more recognition. Unfortunately his name OR accomplishments do NOT SELL and are only good to back story, two paragraph articles.

lets have a introspective look and see how media is affecting the way we judge humanity and morale. I think we ought chase what really matters …

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